International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Management
ISSN 2350-0557
Volume 3, Issue-3, May-2016

List of Articles

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1. Setting Up a Vibration Monitoring Programme for Manufacturing IndustriesOkeke C., Obasi R. U., Nwaorgu O.A.150-153
2. A Study on Prediction of Welding Quality for Vertical-position Welding Using Mahalanobis Distance MethodKhairul Muzaka, Min-Ho Park, Jong-Pyo Lee, Byeong-Ju Jin,Do-Hyeong Kim, Ill-Soo Kim154-159
3. Privacy Preservation Data Mining: A SurveyMausumidey, Dr. AnamikaAhirwar160-163
4. Mazandaran Ritual Music Influenced the Local ArchitectureSaba Mojtabavi, Mouood Sadat Mojavery 164-168
5. Design and Implementation of a Model for integrating Microsoft xRM with GISAdham Mohsen Saeed ,Hazim A. Farhan, Mohammad s. Asrawi169-174
6. Design and Implementation of Data Acquisition System for Low Field MRI Systems Akshay Kumar, Murigendrayya M. Hiremath175-176
7. Discovery of Ranking of Fraud for Mobile AppsRanjitha.R, Mathumitha.K, Meena.S, S.Hariharan177-179
8. Legal and Social Issues in the Development of Waste Management in MalaysiaDr. Alizaman D. Gamon, Dr. Mariam S. Tagoranao180-183
9. Corporate Governance and Firm CharacteristicsDr. Harsh Purohit, Dr. Monika Chopra, Priyanka Chadha184-199
10. Selectivity model of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on the Cobalt-Based CatalystJaber Tayebi, Hossein Atashi, Neda Poudineh200-205
11. Survey on Transformations for Infinite Series to Continued Fractions with MATLAB Program for Computing SomeD.A.GISMALLA 206-216
12. Design and Simulation of 900w Model Microgrid Wind Turbine to Improve Domestic Energy Supply IWUABA,JOVITA CHUKWUMAEZE217-224
13. Some Numerical Experiments for Determining the Optimal Value of the Scale Parameter for Meshfree InterpolationMsc Alvin ASIMI, Prof.Dr Lulëzim HANELLI225-228
14. Selectivity Model of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Fe-Mn Catalyst Using Artificial Neural NetworksHossein. Atashi, Neda.Poudineh, Amin.EinBeigi229-240
15. Estimation Of Nutritional Status Of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) Plant By Soil And Leaf Analyses Grown In Erzurum CenterNesrin YILDIZ, Tülay DIZIKISA241-245
16. Social Incentives and Employee MotivationTemenuzhka Halacheva 246-248
17. Review Paper on Effect of Dust on the Solar Parabolic Trough and Applications Khushaboo Singh,Krishna Purohit,Dr. P M Meena 249-54
18. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) In Air Dehumidification for Maize DryingOdero Shadrack O.,Eng. Dr. Mbuge D. Onyango,Emmanuel K. Mutai,Mutuli Gibson Peter255-258