International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Management
ISSN 2350-0557
Volume 4, Issue-1, January-2017

List of Articles

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1. PROPOSAL FOR A GEOTHERMAL COGENERATION PLANT IN CÓSALA, MÉXICO José Martínez Reyes, Filiberto Salcedo Herná ndez,Iván Vera Romero,Melitón Estrada Jaramillo,Agustina Ortiz Soriano536-539
2. Quality Assessment of Rain and Storm Water Runoff for Nairobi City Industrial and Sub-Urban AreasEng Evans Mugera Lusigi, Duncan Onyango Mbuge, John Paul Obiero, Stephen Conrad Ondieki, Peter Kuria Ndiba540-546
3. Some Linear Transformations with MATLAB Applications, Especially On Infinite IntegralsD.A.GISMALLA, OHAMED H.A.ELHEBER547-557
4. Strategies for Field Management Using RFID Technology in Nuclear Plants Hyun Chan Lee558-563
5. A Field Study of the Impact of Job Satisfaction on Organizational Loyalty to Workers Sonelgaz for the Distribution of Gas and Electricity Rural Béchar in AlgeriaABDELJALIL MOKADDEM, ILYES SLIMANI, SOUAD DOULI564-568
6. Kinetics of Nonbranched-Chain Processes of the Free-Radical Addition to Molecules of Alkenes, Formaldehyde, and Oxygen with Competing Reactions of Resulting 1:1 Adduct Radicals with Saturated and Unsaturated Components of the Binary Reaction SystemMichael M. Silaev569-588
7. Survey on Cloud-based Video Suggestions with Categorization of Users in Shared Systems Muthu Pradeepa S P, Priya R, Sangeetha S, Prabhu S589-592
8. A Survey on Real-Time Automated Gridlock Control SystemMadhubala E, Madhubala M, Nandhini C, Prasanna Kumar R593-596
9. Hazardous Gas Detection and Alerting Using Sensors Akshaya Priya s, Jenifer M, Keerthana M, Prasanna Kumar R597-600
10. A Qualitative Study on Managing Millennial Mindsets: Awaiting Challenges for HR Strategists and Recruiters Prof Dr. C. Karthikeyan601-609