International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Management
ISSN 2350-0557
Volume 4, Issue-3, May-2017

List of Articles

SNO.TitleAuthorPageFull Text
1. A Comparison of Different Soil Phosphorus Extraction Methods for Used to Determine Plant Available Soil Phosphorus of Erzurum Plain Agricultural SoilsNesrin YILDIZ, Tülay DIZIKISA644-647
2. Thermodynamic Analysis of Gas Turbine Power PlantAnkit Kumar, Ankit Singhania, Abhishek Kumar Sharma, Ranendra Roy, Bijan Kumar Mandal648-654
3. Emerging Online Frauds: Detection and Their Possible Controlling Strategies in E-Business Dr. Prabhat Kumar Vishwakarma655-657
4. Improvement of Gas Turbine Power Plant Performance: A ReviewAbhishek Kumar Sharma, Ankit Singhania, Ankit Kumar, Ranendra Roy, Bijan Kumar Mandal658-663