International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Management
ISSN 2350-0557
Volume 4, Issue-4, July-2017

List of Articles

SNO.TitleAuthorPageFull Text
1. Geographical Accessibility for the Elderly to General Practitioner Surgeries (Case Study: Cardiff Metropolis)Onukaogu, Daniel, C., Chigbu, Njike664-670
2. Development of a Dynamic Model Based On the PID Control and Optimization Theories to Evaluate the Integrated Performance of the Energy Generation and Storage SystemOrlando Moreira Guedes, Jose Adilson de Castro 671-678
3. Proposal of an On-Grid Photovoltaic Electric Power Generation System and Economic Viability Study: Application in Multi Family ResidenceOrlando Moreira Guedes Junior,Pablo Vinicius silva de Paula, Dimas Pereira Lima Júnior 679-684
4. A Study on Buyer Behaviour and Brand Loyalty of Toilet Soaps in Perambalur Town (Tamil Nadu)Dr. R.Varadharajan685--689
5. Ratio Analysis in Manufacturing Sector-A Study Sweta Singh690-693
6. YOREH MITWA: An Electrochemical Rain Sensing WiperPranav Chandekar, Sanket Kelaskar, Amit Dhanawade and Ashish Aiyapillai, Amol Madhav Khatkhate694-698
7. Derating of 75 MWe Pulverised Coal Fired Power Plant without HP Heaters in Service – A Case StudyChittatosh Bhattacharya, Anuj Pathak699-708
8. Providing Internet Connectivity Using Ring of Balloons Flying Around the GlobeMr. Muneshwara M.S709-714
9. Analysis Risk and Return in the Cultivation of Tomato Type Salad Hybrid Paron X AlambraDr. Luciano Bendlin, Dr. Carlos O. Senff, Prof. Master Ivan Rech, Kátia Adrieli Vichinheski, Ronaldo Rodrigues715-722
10. Thermogravimetric and Swelling Studies on the Natural Rubber Based Super ElastomerPraveena Kumar RS, Avadhani N, Vijayakumar PC, Ekwipoo Kalkornsurapranee, Jobish Johns723-728
11. A Broad-Spectrum Orientation of Business Innovation: An Empirical Investigation Using Managers’ Attitudes Toward the Effectiveness of Innovation Measurement Indicators in Saudi Private Hospitals: The Case of Private Hospitals in JeddahJehad bani hani, Hussain A. H. Awad729-734
12. Multi-Touch Interface for Hotel Menu on TabletopRutuja K. Deshmukh, Prof. H. R. Vyawahare735-739