International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Management
ISSN 2350-0557
Volume 5, Issue-4, July-2018

List of Articles

SNO.TitleAuthorPageFull Text
1. Assessment of Air Quality for Selected Locations in Chittagong City Corporation Area , BangladeshM A Hossen,S K Pal,A Hoque121-128
2. Modeling and Forecasting Market Value-at-Risk of DS30 Index through GARCH Family Models with Heavy Tail DistributionMd. Monimul Huq, Md. Ayub Ali129-134
3. Comparison of Three Architectural Projects in Istanbul, According To the LEED Criteria in the Context of Sustainable ConstructionIsmet Osmanoglu135-142
4. Algebraic Nature of Fuzzy Subgroups Under HomomorphismKhadijatul Kobra, Mohammad Monirul Islam, Mr. Anowar Ullah143-145
5. A Novel Approach for System Hacking in Windows And Linux SystemMayank Prajapati, Vipul Narayan, Shashank Awasthi146-153
6. YURI (Rid’ in Comfort) Vipul Narayan, Shashank Awasthi, Arun Pratap Srivastava, Ankur Saxena, Manoj Kumar 154-158