International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Management
ISSN 2350-0557
Volume 2, Issue-6, November-2015

List of Articles

SNO.TitleAuthorPageFull Text
1. Technological Adoption of e-Commerce in NigeriaDr Isa Ali Ibrahim, Mohammed Abubakar1-7
2. The Relationship between Demographic Characteristics and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the National Company for Distribution of Electricity and GasBERBAOUI Kamel, SLIMANI Ilyes, SADEK Zohra8-11
3. Causes, Effects and Possible Remedies to Delay in Completion of Building ProjectsAlli, O. O.,Raheem, S. B,Aleem, M. O12-14
4. Optimal Bidding Strategy for a Generation Company Under Price Uncertainty Haifeng Zhang15-19
5. Research of Remote Monitoring System Base on Internet of Things TechnologyLong Lin20-22
6. The Application of PLC and HMI in Rotary Switch Detection SystemYue Min,Long Lin,Mo Zichen23-24
7. Risk Assessment on Storage Security of Hazardous Chemicals Based on AHP-fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation ApproachWang Yunfeng,Wang Qifeng25-29
8. Improvement of the Mechanical/Electrical Conversion for Piezoelectric Cantilever Y. Kebbati, H. Souffi, P. S. Allaume 30-32
9. Neural Network Model for Forecasting the Cetane Number in the Diesel Fuels Petar Halachev33-39
10. Holocellulase Production from Penicillium spp in Lignocellulosic Biomass: Purification and Characterization of XylanasesDr. Pascoal José Gaspar Júnior, MsC. Camila de Melo Silva, Dra. Fernanda Silva Torres, Dr. Daniel Moreira dos Santos, Ana Paula Resende Pinto, Nilo Sobreira Silva, MsC. Lucas Vieira de Faria, Juraci Lourenço Teixeira, Dr. Félix Gonçalves de Siqueira,40-49
11. Implementation of Smart Shopping Cart Using RFIDNilesh Unde,Shankar Shinde,Abhishek Thombare, Satish Suryawanshi, Harshada Mhaske50-52
12. Analysis and Research of Kinematics and Kinetics of Quick-Return Mechanism Prototype Chao Zhang53-55
13. Fundamental Solution of Static Equations of Transversely Isotropic PlatesIgor Bokov, Elena Strelnikova56-62
14. Enhanced As (V) Adsorption Properties in Sn-Substituted Goethites - Changes in Chemical Reactivity and Surface CharacteristicsAna L. Larralde, Ana E. Tufo, Pedro J. Morando, Elsa E. Sileo 63-70
15. Drying and Rehydration Kinetics of Mangoes: Solute EffectsMaldonado, Silvina 71-84
16. Automated Drill Core ScanningDolgy K.,Belashev B.,Gorkovets V.85-90
17. Difference Set Codes Based Majority Logic Fault Detection E.Jebamalar Leavline, F. Jabeena, M.Dhivyapriya, V.Kalaiyarasi91-94
18. Assessment of Soil Compaction Levels by Farm Machinery in Cultivated Fields of Elfam FarmEng. Tonui Wesley, Prof. Crispus Ndiema, Emmanuel Kinyor Mutai 
19. Doubly Linked Block Association SchemesK.K. Singh Meitei101-104
20. Analysis of Call Drop Problem in 3G Networks by Using KPI ReportChetana Sharma,Pradeep Kumar Sharma105-114