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Preferred Reviewers of paper publications are part of scientific group which have believes in double blind fold peer review process. Very few papers which have passed preliminary phase of checking plagiarism are transferred by editorial board members to preferred reviewers for in depth reviewing. For in depth reviewing of articles, outside referees as well as editorial board members are consulted. At least 1 to 2 weeks are given to reviewer for commenting on article. Editorial member takes final decision about manuscript with comment (by reviewer). Paper Publications always thankful to all reviewer members for their valuable time given to manuscript for comment.

Reviewers Ethics

  • The double blind peer review process is used for article reviewing, therefore reviewer or preferred reviewer should conduct entire reviewing process anonymously. Neither Paper Publications editorial board nor staffs discloses the identity of reviewers to authors. Reviewer should not disclose their identity to outsiders, authors, or any member of board. The comment on article made by reviewer will be shared with the author and concerned board members of Paper Publications. Never share or discuss about manuscript sent to you with any colleagues.
  • Manuscript sent to the reviewer is a privileged communication between publisher and reviewer. Reviewer should consider as a confidential document and therefore, respect intellectual independence of authors. After reviewing manuscript and sending comment to concerned department of editorial office, reviewer has to destroy all copies of the paper. Reviewer should not use any data sent by publisher for reviewing purpose without prior permission of authors and publisher.
  • As a Preferred Reviewer, if you believe that you are not able to judge a component of the research, or complete research, or Conflict of interest in reviewing or sometimes unable to judge paper impartially due to any reason, its reviewer responsibility to inform the editors as soon as possible.
  • All reviewers should timely return their reviews. In the events of delay in review process, it is the responsibility of reviewer to inform the editorial office. Paper Publications reserves the right to delete/ edit/modify the comments made by reviewer on article or authors that will prevent constructive discussion.
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